Thursday, December 02, 2004

what year the vietnam war started?

The vietnam war stared 1959 through 1975. The war was started because the North Vietnam want the South Vietnam to become a communist party. The americans did not want the South Vietnam to become a communist party. The North Vietnam thought the South Vietnam betrayed there culture and people and invade the South vietnam. The americans went over to Vietnam to help the South Vietnam fight against the North Vietnam.


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The main idea of this comment is to educate the viewers on where the Vietnam war was located, and some other information of that sort.
There is no question at the top of this paragraph, so I believe that the paragraph wouldn't answer any question.
The paragraph does seem to be written in Brandon's own words, it seems like he also needs to check his spelling too.
I do believe that people could slightly understand, but since there isn't any question above it, the reader may not be able to understand exactly what's going on.
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