Thursday, December 02, 2004

What was happening in America while the troops fought in Vietnam?

While the troops fought there war over in Vietnam. A lot of Americans had there own war to end the war over in Vietnam. Millions of people went to Washington to march or protest in front of the White House to try and end the war. <“During August 1968 many Americans went to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention to protest American intervention in Vietnam“.>( ) Other people went to Anti-war groups to write papers to people updating them about what happening over in Vietnam.


Blogger batgirl said...

The main idea of this paragraph would be what events occurred in America while the war was still on in Vietnam.
The paragraph does answer the question. It gives the reader important and interesting information.
The paragraph is partially written in his own words; however, he does include a citation after his information which works out just fine.
I believe that readers will be able to understand this paragraph after he revises the first part of the paragraph, because I was provisionally confused in the beginning.

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